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Greddy Trust Speed Limiter Cut Type A SCA 03704 Nissan Toyota

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  • Manufacturer: Greddy
  • Condition: Used in working condition
  • Year: Any
  • Special Notes:

    The Greddy Speed Limiter Cut Controller (SCC) Type A eliminates the factory speed cut-off (governor) for most Nissans and Toyotas, an added feature for the SCC is its speed trigger feature that can be used to send signals various systems such as a boost controller at a desired speed.

    The Speed Cut Controller works by limiting the voltage to the ECU. Normally when the ECU senses an increased voltage signal from the Speed Signal Sensor, the ECU activates the fuel cut.

    * The Yellow wire is used as a trigger. When the selected speed is reached the Speed Cut Controller activates a Ground signal.